UVaSP #25: Breath of Fresh Air

UVa Sports Podcast #25: Breath of Fresh Air What a great day it is in Hooville. Why? Cause the Hokies are pretty quiet after that win on Tuesday night. We get to that this week along with all the other ‘big weekend’ games. Enough talk, time for the podcast. CLICK HERE FOR THE PODCAST!!! 


UVaSP #24: Reckoning

The UVa Sports Podcast #24: Reckoning So, it’s been a few weeks, but the title says it all. UVa teams have been dealing out some pain, playing with pain, and just painful to watch. But with so many going on, what should we make of it? Check out this weeks podcast: 1. Basketball as we […]


UVaSP #23: Pledge Class

The UVa Sports Podcast #23: Pledge Class I know, another silly picture, but you get the point. Virginia had a great week on the hardwood and the field. This week: 1. We will talk about the Hoos 3-0 basketball week in basketball and look ahead to this week.2. And we talk Signing Day and what […]


UVaSP #22: Back To Business

The UVa Sports Podcast #22: Back To Business Miss me? I’m sure you didn’t, but I sure missed all of ya’ll. It has been real lonely for yours truely sitting around waiting for my foot to heal. I don’t wish this on even the worst Hokie (well, maybe a little), but not being able to […]

UVaSP #21: Back to Reality

The UVa Sports Podcast #21: Back to Reality Came back down to earth a little bit after the Peach Bowl, but where one season came to a close, we are still pumped about one still going on. This week: 1. We wrap up the Peach Bowl and the football season.2. Talk about the upcoming ACC […]


UVaSP #20: Happy Hoo Year!

The UVa Sports Podcast #20: Happy Hoo Year! Yep, it’s a cow. About as much as I will give credit to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. But it is time for the bowl game and this episode is all about…well…Football and our game against Auburn. And a little basketball to balance it out. So this week: 1. […]


UVaSP #19: All The Hoos in Hooville

The UVa Sports Podcast #19: All The Hoos in Hooville It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Time where we all sit down with our family, enjoy the togetherness, and talk UVa Sports. I find out how much I can talk about before they kick me out, but somehow they keep bringing me back. […]


UVaSP #18: Millions of Peaches…

The UVa Sports Podcast #18: Millions of Peaches… …Peaches for me. Since yours truly did not get a media pass for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, I’m going to still call it the Peach Bowl until I deem it necessary. But it does not stop us from talking about the bowl game and we do so this […]


UVaSP #17: Great Scott!

The UVa Sports Podcast #17: Great Scott!!! With football wrapping up and still a few months away from baseball and lacrosse season, we turn our sights to basketball. And how about Mike Scott and the Hoos beating Michigan on Tuesday night? If we can keep this momentum, it should be a very interesting season. This […]


UVaSP #16: Two Turkey Days

The UVa Sports Podcast #16: Two Turkey Days Did you ever imagine this at the beginning of the season? The Hoos have a shot to play for the ACC Championship if they can get by their in-state rivals? No other way I would want it. But before that we have another Turkey Day to deal […]


UVaSP #15: Remember The Titans

The UVa Sports Podcast #15: Remember The Titans What? You thought I was going an entire week without bringing up this game? No chance. The image brings back so many emotions. Somehow if the Hoos do it again, I would think I would probably lose it. But there is a podcast between now and then, […]


UVaSP #14: Bowling

The UVa Sports Podcast #14: Bowling Ever since my rant after the NC State game, the Hoos have been playing great ball. The only problem is now we have come upon the basketball season. This means that we have a lot to cover each week, beginning today. On this edition of the podcast: 1. We […]


UVaSP #13: Between Two Beards

The UVa Sports Podcast #13: Between Two Beards The tenor around Charlottesville has changed a lot since our last podcast. The Hoos football team is one win away from bowl eligibility and the basketball team is gearing up for opening tip-off. What a better way to usher in November than to bring on Brad Franklin […]


UVaSP #12: Miami Vice

The UVa Sports Podcast #12: Miami Vice I know, I know, I’ve used this one before. But if you have a better suggestion please let me know. As I try to push though the pain of my broken foot, I may or may not have gotten a little riled up talking about the UVa offense […]


UVaSP #11: Rushing The Field

The UVa Sports Podcast #11: Rushing the Field Hope ya’ll had fun last weekend and are getting ready for another fun Saturday in C’Ville this weekend. I will be fighting through the pain, and with the help of a walking boot, actually will make it this weekend. So to get you ready, here is what’s […]