The Shammy: Bottoming Out

It wasn’t a good week. It wasn’t a bad week. It was just a week, but we will take it. Going 5-5-1 might not look good, but it’s like the housing market. We’ve bottomed out and looking to now turn it around. Although we are still -5 on the season, this week should get us […]

UVA Football Preview: VMI

I know it is really, really, really early in the week to get this one out. Now there are a couple of very plausible reasons why this is coming out on a Monday night, but at the forefront is that this matchup is not one of our premier games of the season. Nothing against the […]

The Shammy: Sorry…

My bad people. We have gotten off to a very rough start this year, and there is no excuse for it. I don’t know what it is, but the Shammy is using the bye week to watch some more teams play. While it might not help for this week’s picks, it should pay off down […]

Bye Week Blues: From Lows to Highs

No, you didn’t miss it. There wasn’t a wrap on the Oregon game. That was not by mistake. I didn’t want to write 2 articles about the same thing: one that told what went wrong on Saturday, and what they need to work on during the bye week. But we are not going to dwell […]

The Shammy: Butt Fumble

Well, if only Mark Sanchez’s old team would have shown up in Hawaii, The Shammy might have had a .500 week. But sadly, we started our 2013 campaign 4-6, -2 overall. Take off the juice, and we are in a bit of a hole. So we dug deep this week and found some gems in […]

UVA Football Preview: Oregon

Under contractual obligations, I am required to put together a preview for this weekend’s game between UVa and Oregon. I say ‘game’ in the loosest of terms as I see this more of an opportunity to catch up with friends, socialize, and discuss current events. As far as the actual game is concerned, it will […]

BYU Recap: Stolen Win

It was delayed. It was storming. It was soggy. But, most of all, it wasn’t pretty. Yes, the general consensus is that ‘a win is a win’. A game that was coming off the Vegas line as ‘pick em’ ended up 19-16 in UVa’s favor should not be shocking, but how we arrived at that […]

The Shammy: Do Not Collect $200

Guess who’s back? All right, don’t yell at me too much from last year, it wasn’t all bad. Yes we were down, but not that much. The -2.5 units for last year was basically juice, so Vegas took their cut while we went even. That’s how they always make money. But we learned a lot […]

UVA Football Preview: BYU

"Let’s get down to the nitty gritty Let’s get the show on the road." -AC/DC Bag, Phish With an offseason that has seen a ton of turnover, both with new players and new coaches, the BYU game will come as a true measure of how the transition is going. If you are reading most of the […]

UVAFB13: The Outlook

Well we danced around the hard questions until now. So, how will the Hoos do this year? Most years, we could really breakdown the players and teams, but with new coordinator at each phase of the game, no one really knows what’s going to happen until after week one. Until then, we will but are […]

UVAFB13 Defense: Ballroom Blitz

You can’t blame a guy for this picture. Don’t even start. I’m sure (1) most of you know the song from the movie more than the original artists and (2) don’t even know who the original artists are and (3) never heard Bohemian Rhapsody before this movie came out. For those of you who skip […]

UVAFB13 Offense: Firing Squad

Technology is moving faster than you think. Computers and programmers are getting smarter and the rest of us are just trying to keep up. I didn’t get a cell phone until I was a 2nd year at UVa and then it was just a pale comparison of what we use today. I could tell you […]

UVAFB13: The Defense

Defensive Line The Players-Ends Jake Snyder, SR Stephen Lawe, JR Eli Harold, SO Trent Corney, SO Marco Jones, SO Michael Moore, SO The Players-Tackles Brent Urban, SR David Dean, SO Greg Gallop, JR Andre Miles-Redmond, RS FR Donte Wilkins, FR Tyrell Chavis, FR The Skinny As with most of the defense, it will be a […]

UVAFB13: The Offense II

Tight Ends The Players Jake McGee, JR Zachary Swanson, JR Jeremy Dollin, JR Rob Burns, SO Mario Nixon, RS FR The Skinny While the playmaking ability of the Virginia Tight Ends have been well documented for well over a decade now, gone this year are all the proven blockers. Jake McGee hopes to prove that […]

UVAFB13: The Offense I

Quarterback The Players David Watford, RS SO Greyson Lambert, RS FR Matt Johns, RS FR Brendan Marshall, FR* The Skinny Unlike past seasons, this year should produce little to no drama on who is going to be under center this year, thanks to a little bomb diffusal work by the former police officer. As we […]