Tough thing about exam/winter breaks is you have too much time to think.  With the 14 days between the Green Bay and Northern Iowa games, too many people have too much time to sit around and think about the basketball season to date. And while it hasn’t been the best start ever, the Hoos have […]

Where Do We Go Now?

It was our worst season since 1981. After that season, UVa Athletic Director Jim Copeland decided to go in another direction and fire then coach Dick Bestwick and hire a little known coach called George Welsh. The rest was history. Fast forward to yesterday, and in the wake of a 16-6 loss to Virginia Tech, […]

Men Hoops Head to….Texas?

Hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving. As most of you are fighting your way through Hokies talking smack to a 2-9 team because they don’t have any more cows to milk, I thought we would skip the VPISUx preview and talk about basketball and where we are at. Not surprisingly, Virginia has started 5-1 with […]

UVa Football Preview: Miami

You don’t realize how stress free bye weeks are until you have one. Last Saturday was very, very relaxing, outside of watching the Hoos basketball team in Charlotte slowly pull away from Davidson. But now there is no stopping til the end, which is thankfully only a week and a half away. This week is […]

UVa Basketball Preview Part III: The Prediction

So we looked at the team and the schedule. Now it is time to figure out how it will go down. Last season, I pegged the Hoos for a 17-to-19 win regular season, with 8-10 coming out of conference, and a square NIT bid. We finished 21-10, with 10 OOC, and nibbled on a NCAA […]

UVA Football Preview: UNC

Those looking for Part III of our preseason basketball coverage, hold tight. That will be out tomorrow. I decided to get this week’s football preview out as we normally do on Wednesday so that we can close up the week on a more positive note. As for this weekend’s football matchup, while neither team has […]

UVa Basketball Preview Part II: The Schedule

Yesterday we looked at the Cavalier squad, today we will attempt to breakdown the schedule. Last year the Hoos got dinged by the NCAA Selection Committee on two fronts: their non-conference schedule and too many ‘big losses’. This year’s schedule is certainly augmented by the inclusion of 3 new ACC teams and an 18-game conference […]

UVa Basketball Preview Part I: The Team

This season could not start fast enough. Since most UVa fans have been done with football for about a month now, the Men’s Basketball season will be a breath of fresh air and renewed hope. For the first time since the 2001-2002 basketball season, Virginia will start the season ranked in the Top 25: 24th […]

UVA Football Preview: Clemson

Great news: basketball starts next Friday. Bad news: we still have to play football. And while the tone of this website will change drastically next week, we still have to muddle through 4 more football games. To make it worse, this Saturday marks the start of our horrible November stretch which leads up to final […]

UVa Football Preview: Georgia Tech

Despite my best efforts in calling the ACC offices, UVa still has to play Georgia Tech this Saturday. And while the spread is only 10 points, it could get very ugly, very quick. That would seamlessly follow the absurd 2nd half the Cavaliers posted last weekend. What, if anything, can the Hoos do this week […]

UVa Football: Reality Check

If you haven’t garnered from our Twitter account, we talk about other things besides sports. Movies. Music. Technology. One of my favorite movies that we used to watch at The University was the “Kevin Smith” Trilogy: Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy. In the latter one, there is a scene where Jason Lee sits down Ben […]

UVa Football Preview: Duke

More and more, it looks like the Hoos will be bordering on a sub-mediocrity and serious management issues. It is not the talent aspect now-a-days, it comes down to game management, whether it is finishing drives or play calling/execution. But we have to live with what we have this year, and try to finish the […]

UVA Football Preview: Maryland

For most of you, it has been a very trying week. While the thought of a bowl game is pretty much out of the picture, the Hoos are focused on trying to salvage a season at or better than the previous season. While a 4-8 or 5-7 mark now might look pretty hard, there are […]

UVA Football Preview: Ball State

It has taken a lot of self-control not to go off on a massive rant about last week’s performance. Many hours were spent meditating and practicing yoga (not really) and I have come to terms with a lot of things. First, we have a great defense. Not good, not very good, but great. Sure we […]

UVA Football Preview: Pittsburgh

After a few weeks of games that haven’t really told the Wahoos what kind of team they have this season, we start a stretch of games that will define the season. It was not a mystery that the Cavs were going to get throttled by Oregon, and subsequently do the same thing to VMI, but […]