The Shammy: Sad Panda…Again

Can I get a hug? And some cash while you’re at it? The picks last week were horrible. 2-5. Two and five!!! The hole is now -6 for the season, so we are going to up the ante. I’m going to go into desperation mode and pick a slew of games, hoping I can make […]

Virginia Football Preview: Maryland

If you don’t believe in karma, I think that it might be time for a philosophy change. People look at this 2-4 Virginia squad and think, ‘how can an 8-5 team from a season ago be so bad this year?’ Answer: All those close games we were winning last season, we aren’t this year. If you remember, UVa almost […]

The Shammy: Hit Bull, Win Steak

For the last 3 weeks, I have been getting dinged. The teams that should be covering are not even coming close. I feel like every time I serve up some picks, they get knocked out of the park. Another week where I ended up 3-4, which brings my overall season score to -3. Not out […]

Virginia Football Preview: Duke

Welcome to the Virginia Cavaliers, version 2.0. Whether or not it is the time for a quarterback change, one is being made. After 3 games with increasing issues for Michael Rocco, the Alabama transfer Phillip Sims will get his chance to revive this Wahoo offense. But it is going to take a lot more than […]

Is Rocco Our Romo and Other QB Musings

One thing that we have learned in my few years of writing this blog is that most of our readers have other sports affiliations besides just Virginia. I know, it’s not that much of a stretch, but we all watch NFL on Sundays, MLB on weeknights, and NHL whenever they want to play again. Yours […]

The Shammy: Not Impressed

You said it McKayla Maroney, I am not impressed. Only FIU and Clemson were able to cover the spread. Doing the quick math and you see we were 2-5 last week and -2 overall on the season. But we have been here before and we have climbed out of them all. So here we go…again…with […]

Virginia Football Preview: Louisiana Tech

We made two predictions at the beginning of the football season. And it might as well have been made in January than just 4 weeks ago because we all have a knack to sort things into the ‘short term’ memory file. To bring everyone up to speed, here is what we said: If we end […]

Bloguin Heisman Poll: Week 1

Okay, okay, okay. Most of you think (know) I have a screw loose for my vote on our Bloguin Heisman Poll. It’s early in the year, and stay with me on my pick, cause my explanation got lost in the main article. Here were my picks: 1. EJ Manuel, Florida StateFirst ballot of the year […]

The Shammy: You Know What Grinds My Gears?

Really? I can stomach a closer than anticipated Cal/OSU game. I can even tolerate TCU only dropping Kansas by 14. But Virginia Tech didn’t cover. They didn’t even win. Oh well, we ended the week 4-3, which puts us +1 on the season. Time for another Saturday slate of games, and hopefully some winners. UAB […]

Virginia Football Preview: TCU

Hey fellow Wahoos! Wanted to let ya’ll know what was going on in the world of Lambeth Field. I sure you noticed that there wasn’t a wrap up on the Georgia Tech game (other than the sound of me punching walls 2 minutes into the game). We are going through a little bit of a […]

The Shammy: Payback

Gee. Way to give it all back. Michigan State started me off right, but everybody else let me down. I was saved by Texas late in the day to finish 2-5 on the day. On the season that puts us back dead even, minus the juice. Don’t worry, it’s early and we will get it […]

Tailgatin’: Georgia Tech

Wow, we had quite a discussion this week about our Tailgatin’ fare. I want to include everybody’s food and drink, but hard decisions had to be made. In the end, we went with 2 different beers and a southern staple for your football table. Enjoy! Beer #1: SweetWater Georgia Brown, SweetWater Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA […]

Notre Dame to the ACC: Reaction

I wake up early this morning to find the Notre Dame bloggers chanting “ACC! ACC!”. It wasn’t until later we all find out what they are talking about. All the rumors were confirmed that the ACC was adding the staunch independent from South Bend to the fold…for the most part. Here is what we know: […]

Virginia Football Preview: Georgia Tech

Now comes the hard part. Somehow, the ACC schedule makers haven’t liked the Hoos as of recent. Not only do we have to start on the road in-conference, but we head to our nemesis Georgia Tech. For any Cavalier fan, the Yellow Jackets conjure the highest highs and the lowest lows. So, outside of that […]

Penn State Recap: Deja Vu

We’ve been here before. Oh, have we been here before. Most people point to the 2007 ‘Cardiac Cavs’ season when Virginia games come down to the wire. But don’t forget last season, as the Hoos were involved 6 games decided by 7 points or less. Well, in watching the 17-16 victory over Penn State, it […]