Signing Day ’13: 2012 Review

  Yesterday we looked at the impact the 2011 class is having with Virginia last season. Today, we will look at how the rookies preformed this season. And while it is hard to see the numbers after one year, there were some outstanding performances in this class. Only nine true 1st years saw the field […]

With Break, Hoos Re-Examining Options

  Coming into this season, most people, including yours truly, had the Virginia Men’s Basketball team squarely in the NIT. The loss of Mike Scott, who gets as much attention around Hooville as ESPN gives Tim Tebow, seemed to be too much to overcome. Couple that with early season injuries and the best the Cavs […]

UVa Football Exit Interview

  Nothing really worked out for the Hoos this year on the gridiron. And while we will address the elephant in the room later this week, let’s take a look at the team by position, with what went down this year and what the future has in store. Quarterback This season: I should really call […]

UVa/Tech Preview: Q&A with ‘The Key Play’

  Not really doing a preview per say this week, but here is a Q&A I did with Hokie blog 'The Key Play'. I think the points about the game are pretty clear (and known throughout Charlottesville). So enjoy your Thanksgiving and stay safe! TKP: Okay, before we get into game related stuff I want […]

ACC At A Crossroads

  Today was the Big Ten and Maryland’s day. It was filled with the pomp and circumstance that only…well…the Big Ten and the Maryland brass could enjoy. They did not mince words and told the media, on their network nonetheless, that it was all about money. Then they tried to tug at everyone’s heartstrings by […]

Maryland to the B1G TEN? Meh.

Who really saw this one coming? Better yet, who in the ACC really cares? There is a select group of Clemson fans who have been jawing since early June that they would be the ones to break up the Atlantic Coast Conference by packing up and heading to the Big XII…or the SEC…or wherever. So […]

Learning on the Fly

  Hoos fans knew the start to the Men’s Basketball season was going to be rocky. No Bub. No Brogdon. No Teven. Four 1st years. Put all those together and it should not come as a big surprise that Virginia is 2-2 heading into the Consolation “Bracket” of the NIT on Monday and Tuesday. But […]

Virginia Football Preview: North Carolina

Alright Hoos, you are doing this to me again. You’re elevating hopes above conventional levels, just ready to give me a huge let down. The NC State game was beautiful. Now you give me a “highlight for the ages” game against Miami, and now we have creeped back to 4-6. On top of that, the […]

Virginia Football Preview: Miami

Well, we got the monkey off our back last week. Now their is a small glimmer of hope back in all the Hoos in Hooville, although it is going to take a massive effort over the next 3 weeks to have a shot at a bowl game. What we saw was everything we had hoped […]

Virginia Basketball Preview: Plenty of Questions

While we are winding down football, it is time to turn our attention to the hardwood. The Hoos are looking to build on their 20 win season with a trip to the NCAA Tourney in this post Mike Scott era. And while the feel of this team is similar to Bennett’s second season in 2010, […]

The Shammy: Election Time

My fellow Americans, and especially my fellow Wahoovians, (yep, just made up a word, hold on), if you elect me as your new Commander-In-Cheif Bettor, I will guard and invest your money just as well as the government has been watching has been doing the past few years. And since I went 4-7 last week […]

Virginia Football Preview: NC State

Don’t worry folks, I haven’t gone anywhere. First with a bye week then with a hurricane, not a whole bunch going on ‘til basketball starts up next week. And I know y’all are just itching to find out how we are going to do against the Wolfpack in Raleigh. I’ll save the dramatics for the […]

The Shammy: Bye Week Blues

So…what’s going on? Doing anything this weekend? Want to hang out? Bye weeks are always slightly uneventful, although if you are on the east coast, you are watching out for Hurricane Sandy. On my betting front, everything seems to be leveling out now. A 4-5 week last time now has us -.5 for the season, […]

The Shammy: CA$H MONEY!

Sometimes in your darkest hour, you find the strength. The strength to pull through….ah, who cares. I’m back, baby! To recap: great first few weeks, -9 the last 4 weeks to end up -6, and then picked 11 games last week. You can check the picks (I left them up). 8-2-1. So not only did […]

Virginia Football Preview: Wake Forest

I don’t think it is a mystery that this season is pretty much a wash. Now the coaches and the players aren’t conceding anything yet, but it is going to be an uphill battle from here on out. Sure there is an outside chance of a bowl game. 2-5 is not a death sentence, but […]