Bowl Picture: Week 3

Really?!?!? This season has been crazy. And the bowl picture is even crazier, but we did clear up a few matters. The Hoos are now 8-3, 5-2 in the ACC with only the Virginia Tech game remaining on the schedule. Gone from the list this week is the #9 Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, not because […]


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” –Albert Einstein When people look back on this season, comparison to the 2007 Cardiac Cavs will be extremely easy. Last winning season? 2007. Last bowl game? 2007. Last QB over 2,100 yards? 2007. Last blah blah? 2007. But on Saturday night, the […]

Paradise Jam

The Hoos have navigated the first two games of the season with relative ease, although the Winthrop game was closer than I would have liked. But 2-0 is 2-0 and the Cavaliers are off to St. Thomas for the Paradise Jam. So who are we going to face down there. Here is our brief primer […]

UVa Football Preview: Florida State

Well the ride this season has been fun. 7-3, 4-2 in the ACC, and a very decent bowl game awaits the Hoos at the end of the season. On the outside looking in, the next two weeks for the Hoos will be an uphill battle, and one that Virginia will be sizable underdogs in. But, […]

Bowl Picture: Week 2

Well, one week closer and bowl picture is a little clearer, but still not anywhere close to crystal. Where do the Hoos stand now? Let’s look at our updated odds of bowling this year. The Hoos are 7-3, 4-2 in the ACC with @FSU and VT remaining on the schedule. And we are still not […]

Pulling Away

As the game was trudging on during the 2nd quarter, I was contemplating this article. It was going to be difficult to piece together an article with so many things not going our way. Refs. Bounces. Play calling. Inability to run the ball. Even worse refs. But as most as the last couple of weeks […]

UVa Basketball: SC State/Winthrop

No more talk. No more preseason. Time to play some games. Virginia will tip the season off with 2 home games before heading off to the Paradise Jam in St. Thomas. And wouldn’t you know it, the Hoos have found some teams they can ease on into the season with. So as we all patiently […]

The Shammy: Best. Week. Ever.

If you don’t follow me, shame on you. If you do, you made a boat load of money last week. I was due for one of these weeks sometime the past 3 years, and I finally got it. 7-2 last week, pushing our total to +9 on the season. I don’t like a lot of […]

UVa Football Preview: Duke

You would think that the pressure is now off this UVa team heading into this weeks matchup, but it only gets exponentially harder. Make a bowl game is one thing, but going to a more respectable bowl is completely doable. And to throw some more propane on the fire, if the outcome of the Virginia […]

Virginia Bowl Preview

We know that the Hoos will be bowling this season for the first time since 2007. What we don’t know is where. And what makes it interesting is that the Hoos have, concavely and numerically, a shot at each one. So how do you make sense of it all? We will give you our predictions […]

Goin’ Bowling

For the first time since 2007, the question is not ‘if’, but ‘where’. Virginia’s dominance on the scored board caught up with the dominance on the field in the second half as UVa blew by Maryland 31-13, but more importantly it will mean that the Hoos will go to a bowl for the first time […]

The Shammy: No Shave November

It is definitely epic beard time around here. With all the upsets in college football the last two weeks, we have somehow managed to endure the stretch with minimal damage. Last week we went 4-5 (thanks for showing up Clemson), and gave back a point to move us to +4. So in the spirit of […]

UVa Football Preview: Maryland

Now the real fun begins. We have seen the Hoos win big, come back to win, come back to go to overtime, fall short, win close, lose a game we shouldn’t, and win a game we “couldn’t”. With all of what we have endured this year, the Cavs are 1 win away from a bowl […]

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde

Have you read your UVa Football Fan Handbook? It’s right there in black and white, under Chapter 14 titled “Season Expectations”. Basically, it says we are destined to win the games we shouldn’t and lose the games we should. How else do you explain the Hoos 28-21 at Miami last Thursday night? The Cavaliers flipped […]

The Shammy: Playing Through The Pain

I know I’m milking my injury for as much as possible, but it definitely is not fun. But what is fun is that we went 6-3 last week, which meant we netted +2.65, which meant that we can write off the juice for the season, and, thus, we are now up +5 for the season. […]