Peach Bowl: By The Numbers

It is Peach Bowl Eve (heh heh, still calling it that), and you are probably reading this as my plane has taken off from PHF (that’s in Newport News) to ATL. And while I am riding in the lap of luxury in first class, I know ya’ll would want one more article before the big […]

UVa Football Preview: Auburn

It’s about time. We have been talking about this for just over 3 weeks now and we can finally break out our preview for the Peach Bowl. With all the turmoil this short offseason  out of Auburn, you would think that the Hoos would have an advantage. But as we have been hearing for the […]

Men’s Basketball: Holiday Hangover

You would think after a gritty 2 games on the west coast and a bump in the rankings, the Hoos would have had a nice holiday break. But of course, this is Virginia, and when it rains, it pours. First off, stop scheduling Seattle. For some reason, we just don’t get ready for them, or […]

Top UVa Bowl Games: 4 through 1

4. 2005 Music City Bowl vs. Minnesota, W 34-31 It was really tough to peg this 2005 team. They finished up 6-5 on the year, winning a big game against FSU, but losing a 7-5 battle the next week at UNC. So when the New Bowl on the Block called up the Hoos, they were […]

Men’s Lacrosse: Way To Early Look

I know, I know. An article on Saturday? What’s going on. Usually the weekend is dedicated to rest for yours truly, but the bad foot is keeping me up way to late. And since I have time, might as well take a look at upcoming Men’s Lacrosse season in one of Lambeth Field’s special and […]

Top UVa Bowl Games: 8 through 5

8. 1990 Citrus Bowl vs. Illinois, L 31-21 This game looked close at the end, but it was never in doubt that the Illini were going to win this one. I call this one the Spurrier Bowl. The Hoos had their best season ever, going 10-2, only losing to 12-1 Notre Dame and 10-2 Clemson. […]

Exam Break

Don’t read this blog. Get back to studying. You need to cram a semesters worth of knowledge into a few short days. That’s what you get for going to football and basketball games. But I don’t blame you. When was the last time all of these programs did this well at this point of the […]

Top UVa Bowl Games: 12 though 9

‘Bout time I get to do this article. We’ve done plenty of Top whatevers, but this one just seems right to do now. Over the next few weeks we will be weaving in our Top Twelve UVa Bowl appearances of all time. Why 12? Because the Hoos will be ringing in 2012 in Atlanta. But […]

Peachtown, USA

Throw the predictions out. No one saw this coming. Well, no one but Virginia. Virginia will be playing Auburn in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on December 31st, at 7:30pm in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. And for those of you surprised by this move, take a number. You know how we have been talking these past […]

M Basketball: Big Win over Michigan

So now that football is now in post season mode, and we still have 2+ months before our baseball and lacrosse seasons begin, it is time to focus our efforts onto the hardwood. And after a much hyped preseason, the Hoos kinda started the season like last year. Couple of easy early wins, looked stale […]

Football: Final Grades

What a difference a half year makes. When we did our midseason breakdown, we were 3-2 and looking for some identity. Well we finished with a bang (and one game we just got blown up) and ended up with an 8-4 record and headed to a bowl game. So how did we do by position? […]

Bowl Picture: Final Analysis

Well all’s well that end’s well. The Hoos regular season is now over, but at least there will be a bowl game in our future. And while most of them are still eligible for the Hoos to go to, there is only 1 that stands out from them all now. The Hoos finish up 8-4, […]


We flew to high. Plain and simple. We have been spoiled over the past few months with exciting games and outcomes that we failed to realize that long term success does not happen in one year. Looking back on the 38-0 drubbing at the hands of Tech, it was evident on how much more the […]

Lambeth Field Turns 2!!!

Dear fellow Wahoos, Just wanted to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving Day. Don’t load up on too much turkey, we will have plenty more come Saturday. We will be taking the holiday as well and will be back Sunday with the wrap up of the Virginia Tech game. In other site news, on November 24, […]

UVa Football Preview: Virginia Tech

(Editor’s Note: Usually, I’ll put the other team’s logo over there. But there is no way I’m putting that VT logo on this page. Not now. Not never.) It’s finally that week. But this year is a little different. The Hokies are jawing a little more. They have been posting more messages on my wall. […]