Do all of you Cavalier fans remember what was happening this time last year?  Well to refresh your memory. 1. Football was looking for a new head coach. 2. Men’s Soccer was on its way to a National Championship. 3. Basketball was, well, playing. Plenty to talk about.  This year? It’s just basketball. All is […]

Bowl Playoff System: Week 7

Well my friends, we lost yet again to the Hokies. Let’s take some time to reflect on a mediocre but not horribly disappointing season for the rebuilding Wahoos. The offense put up over 400 yards a game, second in the ACC! The victory over Miami gave potential recruits a chance to see what C’Ville and […]

Just In Time

Most people turned this one off at halftime. Shameful. Yes, there really hasn’t been any reason to think that the Cavaliers would come back down 10 at the break. But for some reason, Tony Bennett wasn’t going out like that again.  Not with the sour taste of the opening round loss to Washington still lingering […]

Par for the Course, Part 2

Don’t think I forgot about the basketball team. The Men’s trip to Maui, was, let’s just say, it was a learning experience. The Washington game was over pretty quickly.  Virginia tried to run with them, and got burned by their defense and three point shooting.  Hey, if a team makes 17 3’s for the game […]

Par for the Course

London’s first year as Virginia’s head coach ended on Saturday. Without joy. Without pain. Without, well, much of anything. Off all the years that I have been a Wahoo fan, I have never seen so much apathy towards a “rivalry” game than I did this year.  The Virginia Tech folks had a team that they […]

Lambeth Field Turns 1

“I’m feeling thankful for the small things today” –Cracker, Happy Birthday To You Fellow Wahoos, I rarely get a chance to address y’all directly, so I will make the most of this opportunity.  One year ago today, three grown men decided to head out on a mission to bring objective opinions about Virginia Sports to […]

Bowl Playoff System: Week 6

After another heart-breaker for the Wahoos, the only game left in our season is at Tech. Maybe the fellas can muster up an inspirational performance for the seniors, who have yet to beat Tech. In the national picture, there was not much change this week. The top 3 teams all had byes, and only Nebraska […]

Maui Invitational: Game 1

It’s that time of the ACC Basketball cycle that the Hoos head out to Hawai’i and play in the EA Sports Maui Invitational.  This year’s field is chocked full of good teams and Virginia draws the class of the Pac-10 in the Washington Huskies.  So as our east coast biased media really doesn’t give us […]

A Weekend That Wasn’t

Well, The University of Virginia has had better weekends.  Actually, as long as I can remember, I can’t remember a weekend which we lost so many high profiled games.  Nothing quite fell our way.  So before we get to our Maui Preview, let’s look at the weekend that wasn’t Football I was not surprised by […]

Cavalier Preview: Boston College

We are obligated to finish out the season with our breakdowns.  What looked promising after the Miami win, has shown an overall regression and an inability to close out games.  So now we are done with all of our home games and must travel on the road for the final two games.  But before we […]

The Shammy Picks: Rehab

Let the meltdown begin. The Shammy had one of his worse weeks to date.  A great 4-1 start led to an 0-7 finish and a hole that looks to massive to crawl out of.  So I’m checking myself into Vegas spread rehab.  I’m going to go back to the basics and with the help of […]

NCAA Tournaments: Another Shot

The good thing about writing a Virginia Athletics Blog is no matter what time of year it is,  there is a Cavalier team going to the NCAA Championships.  The bad news:  it’s not in football, yet. As the fall sports are wrapping up, the Hoos send a slew of teams to the postseason, which means […]

Into the Great Wide Open

“Into the great wide open Under them skies of blue Out in the great wide open A rebel without a clue” A great Tom Petty song about one of the great American dreams:  moving out west to make it big in show biz.  Well, now that those pesky Spartans are behind us, Virginia Men’s Basketball […]

Bowl Playoff System: Week 5

Hey there football fans, the season is really heating up. I know a lot of the blue and orange faithful are bummed that we lost to Maryland but look on the bright side: now Maryland is stuck with Ralph Friedgen for 8 more years! Besides, we had beat them like 4 years in a row […]

Weekend Update

“Hey Everybody!” Got to inject some fun into this wrap up.  We are getting into the part of the season where are attention is starting to fall away from just football to basketball and NCAA title runs.  On top of that, our site is undergoing a lot of changes, mostly internal, but the graphics and […]