Hoos in Review: The Top 10 Moments from the 2000s (#6 through #4)

#6: 2009 – Men’s Soccer Team wins National Championship on PKs It’s crazy to think one of the four National Championships of the decade rests at No. 6, especially in a sport with such a global appeal, but this is America, so it ends up here. Just a few weeks ago Virginia completed its rise […]

The Twelve Days of Hoo-mas

Merry Christmas to everyone from all of us here at Lambeth Field.  Because it is Christmas Eve, here is our twist on a holiday classic.  We are wrapping this into our year end review as next week we will have our decade review of Virginia Sports, and that has already occupied too much of our […]

UPDATE: UNCW game back on!!!

Hey folks just learned that the UVa/UNCW game that was scheduled for last weekend during the snow, is going to happen Monday, January 18th.  It will be nice to make up the game, ’cause it’s one we can win.  But it also cramps up the beginning of the ACC schedule, as it is now sitting […]

Mem Gyms: Pre-Christmas Edition

So we are a few days from Christmas and there have been some interesting stories that have happened we have not gotten to yet.  So in the spirit of the holidays, let’s get to them now.     1. First off, thanks to The Good Ol Blog, Dear Old UVa, and The Great Blog of Virginia […]

Cause for Concern: Part 3

(Editor’s Note:  This is Part 3 of 3 looking at the basketball season so far) So where do we go from here?  If Mother Nature has anything to say about it, “Nowhere” would be the answer.  The light, 16 ½ inch dusting Charlottesville got this weekend has postponed most athletic events this weekend, including the […]

Cause for Concern: Part 2

(Editor’s Note:  This is Part 2 of 3 in looking at the basketball season so far) With the holiday season quickly approaching, we continue our series in looking at the state of the basketball team.  If the last article was “The Ghost of Basketball Past”, this one is “The Ghost of Basketball Present.”  Unfortunately to […]

Cause for Concern: Part 1

We are eight games into the basketball season and the Hoos have started another season 4-4.  There are only five more non-conference games before we start the full ACC schedule and there are a few trends that have emerged that have been lost in transition.  We here at Lambeth Field understand that Tony Bennett has […]


Men’s Lacrosse.  That would be the safe bet.  Three years ago, if you asked anyone around the University community which sport would give Virginia its twentieth NCAA title it would be men’s lacrosse.  They were coming off possibly the most impressive college lacrosse season ever and with 2 titles in 4 years, they were posed […]

UPDATE: Overtime, again!

If UVa won the first half with tempo and offensive pressure, then Akron surely won the second.  It will come down to overtime periods now.  We will let everyone know what happens when it is over.

UPDATE: 0-0 at half

It is pouring in Cary and our guy is soaked, but the one thing he did tell me is that UVa has played much better than they did Friday night in the first half of the Wake game.  The Hoos are managing the tempo well, which has opened up several scoring opportunities so far.  Akron […]

Let’s go Hoos

Well its a little warmer in Cary, but the rain is going to make it a very sloppy game.  Kickoff is in about 10 minutes so stay tuned for the updates from the game.

One more day…

As soon as Corben Bone tiptoed down the line and ricocheted his shot off Diego’s leg, my first thought wasn’t that a lucky bounce has ended UVa’s scoreless streak or that we let Wake Forest back in the game.  No, to be honest, I was wondering when the next goal was going to come because […]