About Lambeth Field

We started this blog for several reasons:

  1. We are Virginians. “We come from old Vir-gi-ni-a.”  We are born and bread Virginians whos families grew up in The Commonwealth for many generations and have extreme pride in our unique history.
  2. We are UVa fans. We have been following sports at The University since the late 70s and have listened to stories about UVa for decades.  We celebrate our traditions, appreciate our athletes, and strive to encourage future development of the UVa athletic program.
  3. We are PASSIONATE UVa fans. Our philosophy about being fans of a sports team is a lot like government.  You must be involved.  You must support your leaders.  You must question those leaders if something isn’t right.  But at the end of the day, you stand by your team though thick and thin.
  4. We are UVa Alumni. And just like our government, we pay taxes, which we call “Annual Donations to the VAF and University” in money, tickets, clothing, Alumni functions, etc.  We have a vested intrest in our programs and we want to see our money put to good use.
  5. We are NOT sports writters. Most of us aren’t even english majors.  We don’t know what sentence structure is.  We might not know how to put together coherant thoughts at times.  We are architects, engineers, builders, real-estate agents, broakers, and everyone else who contribute to making this state great who just like to sit around and talk UVa football over a beer.
  6. And most of all, we are discouraged with most media coverage of UVa. Now before everyone gets their pickaxes and torches, hear us out.  We have followed every sporting media throughout our lives and could not thank those people enough for encouraging us to be interested in Virginia Athletics.  But lately, UVa is a blip on the national radar, and even in The Commonwealth, we do not seem to get the benefit of being the #3 Overall Athletic program in the country (see NACDA).  Either we are being fed the orange and blue “flavor aid” or its cynical writers with preconceived notions about UVa which is apparent in everything they right. We strive for honest assessments about our program.