Virginia Spring Sports: Masters Edition

This weekend begins ‘a tradition unlike any other.’ But when the Masters in the rearview mirror on Sunday, UVa gets rolling with the post-season for spring sports. And while some will/should/might go smoother than others, all have positioned themselves for the final push. So we got to thinking, if the different UVa sports were players at the Masters on Sunday, how would they finish? Here is a look at the final day leaderboard.

  1. Rowing (-3 F).  The leader in the clubhouse. Of all the Spring sports, the #3-ranked Women’s Rowing team has the best shot at a National Championship this year. The ACC tournament will be a little more exciting this year with newcomer Notre Dame (10th) and Syracuse (16th) to go with mainstay Clemson (17th), but nationally speaking it will be a 3 boat race between UVa, California, and Ohio State.
  2. Men’s Tennis (-2 thru 17). Sure it hasn’t been smooth sailing like the last 6 years and the early exit in the ITA Semis was a bit unexpected. Shoot, even 20th-ranked Clemson push #5 UVa to a 4-3 decision and almost the first ACC loss in 5 years. But the Hoos broke through last year and if they can get to semis again, anything can happen.
  3. Women’s Tennis (-1 thru 16).  I have really enjoyed watching the 4th-ranked Women’s Tennis team slowly work their way up the rankings over the last few years. This year’s team has the best shot at an ACC title and besting the Sweet 16 NCAA finish from 2012 and 2013. The difference between their male counterparts is that they have Duke (1st , Won 5-2) and UNC (3rd , Lost 5-2) ahead of them nationally, but will surely see them in the ACCs as well.
  4. Baseball (E thru 16). Yes, UVa is ranked 2nd nationally and the ACC is not as strong as it used to be, but there are some things working against them at this moment. First, they still have problems scoring runs. Yes they just put 9 up against JMU, but the Dukes allow 8.3 runs per game. Case in point: They only allowed 2 runs at Pitt in a 3 game series, yet only went 2-1 and let Miami move within 1 game of the Coastal Division. Also, the schedule gets significantly harder with Clemson, UNC, FSU, GT, and upstart WF left. The ACC tournament is a crapshoot, but if the Hoos have trouble batting, they won’t get out of the Super Regionals again.
  5. Men’s Golf (E thru 16). The story on the golf course this week was the 10th-ranked Men’s Golf team posted a -45 under at the Jim West Intercollegiate and 29-stroke victory over Iowa State. Now granted that there were no other ranked teams in the field, that was still darn impressive. Also as impressive has been the fact the Hoos have finished no worse than 4th in any tournament. GT is still the best in the ACC, but if they can get through to the NCAA finals, they might have a shot.
  6. Men’s Lacrosse (+1 thru 10). I’m not saying this season has been another wash for the #11 Men’s Lax team, but 8-4 overall and an 1-3 ACC mark is very disappointing. And they are about to play ‘Amen Corner’ hoping they can come out on the other side in contention. Virginia plays Duke this weekend, a team that the Hoos just can beat, then after the late season gut in Bellarmine, they will play in the ACC Showcase game against likely Syracuse. If you didn’t know the Showcase game is for the teams who finished #5 and #6 in the ACC and missed the tournament. The Cavs are on the cusp of an NCAA Tournament bid, but they will need to finish 2-1 to have a shot.
  7. Women’s Lacrosse (+2 thru 10). About the same write up as the Men, but just with a longer path.
  8. Women’s Golf (+4 F). It has been a very down year for the Women’s Golf team. The 4th in the Florida State Match-Up was the best finish of the year. I don’t think that the extended post-season is in the cards for the Hoos.
  9. M&W Track and Field (+5 F). If you are not named Florida State, you’re not going to win the ACC this year. The Hoos might put a half-dozen in the NCAAs, but a final ranking is most likely out of the question.
  10. Softball (CUT). I know it takes a little while to turn around a program, but a 6-32 mark and 1-16 in the ACC is downright bad. They don’t even get to see the weekend.
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