Start the Unbalanced Schedule Talk

Cause UVa fans didn’t hear enough of it all season on their way to both the ACC Regular Season and Tournament Championship, today Hoos’ fans are all over the place as the ACC schedule for the next 2 years was released. As we predicted, Louisville replaced Maryland as Virginia’s Rival with Virginia Tech. But for the 14-15 and 15-16 season, Virginia will only play UNC, Duke, and Syracuse once. In 2014-2015, UVa will play Wake Forest and NC State twice, and 2015-2016 the Hoos will play Miami and Clemson twice. Outside of that, the Home/Away schedule is pretty balanced with UNC/Syracuse and Duke/Pitt split down the middle.

But while Virginia will get some street cred with 2 sets with the Cardinals from here until next realignment, most Greensboro purists, including those who reside at ESPN will look only hone in on the fact that the 3 teams that finished behind UVa only have matchup with the Hoos once. Never mind that the Hoos took a solid NC schedule and beefed it up again with GW, Harvard, and a mini tourney at the Barclay’s center, not to forget the trip to VCU and the ACC/B1? Challenge. It is a stigma that I don’t think any schedule would help, but there should be no questions come RPI time the next 2 years. Hoos just have to keep winning.

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