Two Down, One To Go

dukeThe Men’s Lacrosse Team last week took care of business at UNC with a very solid 15-10 win. I know it got a little chippy late in the game, and the Hoos let UNC put up a 5 spot in the 4th quarter, but the Hoos offense is a thing of beauty when it clicks. The goals just look effortless. Now the Hoos have one more ACC game before the Conference Tourney. And while the seedings are still up for grabs, there is one thing we do know: we will not be playing Duke back to back weeks. Why is this important? Well, Duke kinda has our number. And we want it back.


Outside of our beloved Hoos, the ACC is down as a whole. Duke represents the highest ranked conference opponent (#7) of the remaining 3, but they have had a tough road so far this year as well. They are 10-3 on the season with some nice wins over Penn, UNC,  Georgetown, Syracuse, but they got out paced by Notre Dame 7-3, dropped their matchup to Maryland, and lost to upstart Loyola 13-8. Last week they let a very unranked Marist team hang around to the bitter end, winning by a single goal.


Their X man is Jordan Wolf (24 G, 20 A), who will be facilitating the O behind the cage, but can step out and score if needed. The recipients of those passes will be Robert Rotanz (26 G, 2 A), Christian Walsh (18 G, 12 A), and Josh Dionne (24 G, 4 A). The net minder is Dan Wigrizer (9.20 GAA, 51.9% Save), who is decent this year, but the save percentage is a little low.

What This Game Means

New section. With this being the last game on the ACC slate before next week’s tourney, if the Hoos win, they will be the #1 seed and would leave the other 3 teams in a tie at 1-2. But whether it goes down as overall record or polls, you would think that Maryland would be the opponent. Unfortunately, if the Hoos lose, then we are the #2 seed and would play UNC in the first round. Either way, it does not look like the Hoos will play Duke in back to back weeks in Charlottesville.


I would usually rattle off things like clearing the ball and limiting turnovers, but this is Duke and they have won like 183 of the last 184 against us. It’s not that much, but it’s 11 out of 12, and regardless of how good we are, we just haven’t had much luck against the Blue Devils. So it’s going to take a lot to get that monkey off our back, but this team has a real shot to take it this year and finish on top of the ACC.

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