The Shammy: Election Time

My fellow Americans, and especially my fellow Wahoovians, (yep, just made up a word, hold on), if you elect me as your new Commander-In-Cheif Bettor, I will guard and invest your money just as well as the government has been watching has been doing the past few years. And since I went 4-7 last week and -3.5 overall this season, it might actually be an improvement. This week, we will not rely on the underdog to pull us up, but rather the teams that have got us to this point….well, at least the good ones. So here’s our picks and get out there next Tuesday and vote!

Missouri @ Florida -17

Ole Miss @ Georgia -14

Pitt @ Notre Dame -17

Texas @ Texas Tech -7

Clemson -12 @ Duke

Alabama -8 @ LSU

Oklahoma St @ Kansas State -8.5 

Hamilton Riley

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