The Shammy: CA$H MONEY!

Sometimes in your darkest hour, you find the strength. The strength to pull through….ah, who cares. I’m back, baby! To recap: great first few weeks, -9 the last 4 weeks to end up -6, and then picked 11 games last week. You can check the picks (I left them up). 8-2-1. So not only did I make up the difference, but I’m +.5. New season. So let’s keep the ball rolling with another slew of picks.


Oregon @ Arizona State +9.5

Virginia Tech @ Clemson -8.5

Stanford -2.5 @ Cal

UNLV @ Boise St +28

BYU @ Notre Dame -13.5

Colorado +40.5 @ USC

Kansas St +2.5 @ West Virginia

Alabama -20.5 @ Tennessee

Cincinnati -7.5 @ Toledo

Hamilton Riley

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