The Shammy: Bye Week Blues

So…what’s going on? Doing anything this weekend? Want to hang out? Bye weeks are always slightly uneventful, although if you are on the east coast, you are watching out for Hurricane Sandy. On my betting front, everything seems to be leveling out now. A 4-5 week last time now has us -.5 for the season, but I remember when it was a lot worse. Need something good to happen with our money this week, and I think we have some real opportunities to pick up some games. Here is what I’ve got this week.

Texas -19 @ Kansas

Tennessee @ South Carolina -13.5

USC -6.5 @ Arizona

Duke @ Florida State -27.5

Florida -6.5 @ Georgia

Michigan St @ Wisconsin -6

Texas Tech @ Kansas State -7

Texas A&M -14.5 @ Auburn

Norte Dame +12 @ Oklahoma

Miss St +24 @ Alabama

Oregon State -3 @ Washington

Hamilton Riley

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