Bloguin Heisman Poll: Week 1

Okay, okay, okay. Most of you think (know) I have a screw loose for my vote on our Bloguin Heisman Poll. It’s early in the year, and stay with me on my pick, cause my explanation got lost in the main article. Here were my picks:

1. EJ Manuel, Florida State
First ballot of the year and I’m picking a conference guy at the top. Why? First, we haven’t really had a solid guy in the ACC for some time now. Second, while I like Geno Smith, WVU was in a tight one with Maryland….Maryland, folks…while Manuel survived probably his hardest matchup he will see all year against Clemson. He did it in the air and on the ground. Outside of the UF game at the end of the year and maybe *sigh* VT in Blacksburg, this team can put up some EA NCAA numbers this year.

2. Geno Smith, West Virginia
I did this last year. I had RGIII in second all year and then flipped on the last ballot, and that might play out again. Sure the 12 TD to 0 INT is beyond impressive, but Marshall, JMU, and Maryland are massively good teams. And like I stated with Manuel, EJ has already survived a Top 10 matchup. Smith will get plenty of shots in the Big XII to show his metal with 5 Top 25 games, 4 of which are at home (#12 Texas in Austin). If he can navigate the schedule, he could end up at the top real soon.

3. Collin Klein, Kansas State
Had never even heard of him before the OU game, and really still don’t know how far this QB can lead the Cats through a solid Big XII slate, but there aren’t a lot of names out there that are left standing. The PAC 12 is turning out to be a little flat in the Heisman races and let’s not even start in Big 10 country. [In Seinfeld voice] “And what’s the deal with the SEC?” I know its early but Klein and KSU are 4-0 with wins over Miami and OU on the road, and that takes moxie, kid.

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