The Shammy: Parlay Teaser

Looks can be deceiving. On the surface it looked like I went 2-3 last week, with Missouri covering in Overtime and ECU putting away the spread early against Virginia Tech. But since I was taking the longshots in this equation, I paid reverse juice, which meant I was betting +110 versus -110.  So even though I am now 5-5 on the season, my overall money for the season is now even. Back to square one.

This seems like a good time to dive into some of the other bets that we can make.  Today we will start with the most favorable, the parlay teaser.  It combines two different betting systems.  The first is the parlay, where a number of teams are selected (usually between 2 and 14) and if they all beat the spread, you win, at a considerable greater payout.  The second is the teaser, where you take a line and add points in your favor. You might not win as much, but you have a greater chance of winning.  When you combine the two, it makes for some fun situations.

So here is what we are laying this week.  We have selected 7 games we feel good about.  We have decided to parlay them into one bet. Then we have optioned to tease each line 7.5 points. For example the first bet is Boise State at Toledo. I want to pick Boise State to cover and the line is -18.5. Now with the 7.5 points, the line becomes -11, a lot more manageable. The payoff for this bet is 5/1, which could give me some serious coin to place some more bets this year.  If I lose, it won’t be so bad. Here is the bet for this week. Remember, to get the actual line, take 7.5 points off of the teased line.


Boise State -11 at Toledo

Auburn +11 at Clemson

Pittsburgh at Iowa +4

Kansas at Georgia Tech -7.5

Texas +4 at UCLA

Nevada +1.5 at San Jose St.

Stanford -2.5 at Arizona

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