We flew to high. Plain and simple.

We have been spoiled over the past few months with exciting games and outcomes that we failed to realize that long term success does not happen in one year. Looking back on the 38-0 drubbing at the hands of Tech, it was evident on how much more the Hoos have to work on next year. And how much the talent gap still exists.

There just is not enough space in this column to talk about everything that went wrong on Saturday. So here are the lowlights:

  1. Logan Thomas runs the ball. It was the first darn thing we said in our breakdown. Killed us in the first.
  2. Stop the run, or at least keep David Wilson out of the endzone. Nope. No way.
  3. Pass plays over the middle/safeties need to help. Strike three.

The Hoos just looked demoralized after Wilson made it 21-0, and from there it was just an exercise in futility.

We laid out a series of goals this year, levels if you will, on what the Hoos would need to do to have a successful season.

  1. Beat W&M, get that monkey off your back. Done.
  2. Win Non Conference games. 3-1 with only loss to an impressive Southern Miss team.
  3. Win on the road. Definitely done. 4-1, 3-1 in conference, and became the only team EVER to beat Miami and FSU both on the road in the same season.
  4. Go 6-6, get to a bowl game. At least 8 wins this year.
  5. Go .500 or better in conference. 5-3.
  6. Beat VT. Well, maybe next year.

I don’t think anyone could have dreamed that we would have a season like this, and while the result of this game left a bad taste in our mouths, it is not our last game. Time to rest up and get ready for a bowl game. Where will we go? I’ll break that down for you tomorrow morning. Til then, keep your heads up Hoos.

Hamilton Riley

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