ACC Redux

I thought I wrote a simple observation piece about the ACC and I walk in from a long day at my actual job to find several messages in my inbox and end up doing a radio interview for the next day.

I don’t blame people.  The decline of the ACC is reaching epic proportions.  For the sake of the league, the conference needs at least one more team besides Duke to step up.  Here are the leading candidates at this time:

North Carolina (12-5, 2-1; RPI: 25):  Chalk the GT game up to…well, I don’t know.  It was pretty bad.  Although they do have losses to Minn, Vandy, and Illinois, the Tar Heels do have a quality win over Kentucky.  A good stretch down the ACC could put them in good position come NCAA time.

Boston College (13-5, 3-1; RPI: 36):  The Eagles new coach could beat Yale and Harvard in his last gig at Cornell, but couldn’t get it done at Boston College.  But they already have 3 wins in the ACC and have a great field goal percentage.

Florida State (13-5, 3-1; RPI: 66):  The Duke win is one to put on the mantle.  But they lost to Butler and a TERRIBLE Auburn team earlier this year. They can rebound and jump out of the gym, but can they turn it into points?

Miami (12-5, 1-2; RPI: 32):  This team is a little bit of an anomaly.  They had a decent non-conference schedule, only losing to Memphis, Rutgers, and UCF.  But they started off 0-2 in ACC play, with their only win over BC by 1.  Need a good showing in the ACC despite not having great guard play.

We will try to get the interview up soon.

And finally in the “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree” segment, one of my followers, who may or may not be a sibling of yours truly, posted a great comment over on our Facebook page.  In reference to keeping coaches in the ACC, A.R. had this to say:

“Strongly agree with the 2nd point- Coach K didn’t have a winning conference record until his 5th season (84-85). Duke alumni were trying to get him fired after his 3rd season. If that happened now, he would have been a goner (although I’m sure nobody who reads this blog would have been really sad if that happened!)”

Well enough on this right now, time to get back to UVa Basketball.  Stay tuned tomorrow for our breakdown of the Boston College game.

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