The Shammy Picks: Stuffed

The Shammy took some time off to stuff himself over Thanksgiving.  And in the end, I got stuffed, pick wise.  A better week, but not great.  Hey, there was only one way The Shammy was going to go after the previous week, but still managed to drop a couple more in the hole.  Hopefully this week of the regular season bodes well for The Shammy.  Here is what we did two weeks ago.

Fresno State @ Boise State (-30.5) Win.  Like to ride my Broncos.

Purdue @ Michigan State (-19.5) Loss.  MSU seemed to have cooled down a little.

Wisconsin @ Michigan (+4.5) Loss.  Started to mount a comeback, but still fell short.

Troy @ South Carolina (-22) Win.  Thank you USC.

Ole Miss (+16) @ LSU Win.  Ole Miss could have had this game outright.

Virginia Tech (-3) @ Miami Loss.  One possession is all I needed

Ohio State @ Iowa (+3) Loss.  Wrong way on the three point spread.

Arkansas (-3) @ Miss St. Win.  See above.

Florida State (-4) @ Maryland Push.  Ahh, a push, haven’t seen one of these in a while.

Oklahoma @ Baylor (+7.5) Loss.  Nope.

Nebraska (-3) @ Texas A&M Loss.  See above, part 3.

Last Week: 4-6-1 (40.9% ACC, 78.5% ROI)

Overall:  53-67-5 (44.4% ACC, 84.9% ROI)

Let’s see the “picks” on tap for this week. Still trying to keep our heads up. Only nine games this week, but The Shammy is going to lay DOUBLE on these games.  So essentially each pick counts for two games.  The accuracy (ACC) percentage will still just go up and down the same, but the overall return on investment (ROI) is what we are looking to improve.

Arizona State @ Arizona (-6); Thursday 8pm

The Cats are only one of 3 teams in the PAC-10 eligible for a bowl, which means that the rest of the conference is really down.  Throw ASU in that mix and couple it with them being on the road and The Shammy can see UA winning by at least a touchdown.  Shammy sez:  Arizona

Northern Illinois (-17.5) @ Miami U; Friday 7pm

Ah, the MAC Championship game, where the winner goes to the Motor City Bowl in Detroit and the loser goes to the Little Caesar’s Bowl in…well, Detroit.  Did I mention this game was in Detroit?  Shammy sez: Detroit, no wait, Northern Illinois

Rutgers @ West Virginia (-20.5); Saturday noon

Here’s to West Virginia at least winning the game so they have an outside shot of going to the BCS game instead of UCONN.  I wouldn’t be able to watch ESPN for two weeks if the Huskies go.  But this pick is about WVU and 3 touchdowns at home seems close, but doable.  Shammy sez:  ‘Neers

Nevada @ Louisiana Tech (+10); Saturday 3pm

Boise State GAVE that game to Nevada.  Let me repeat that.  GAVE that game to the Pack.  And even wrapped it in a bow.  Look for the emotions to wear off playing a very offensive minded LT team on the road.  Shammy sez:  LTU.

Utah State @ Boise State (-39.5); Saturday 3pm

Do not get the Broncos mad, especially on senior day.  They won’t need to kick any field goals this time, they should take care of the Aggies just fine.  Shammy sez:  Bounce Back Boise.

Oregon @ Oregon State (+16.5); Saturday 3pm

This game should be real interesting.  I have been riding Oregon all year, but OSU has an offense that can keep up with Oregon, at least to the tune of 16 points.  Shammy sez:  OSU.

Auburn @ South Carolina (+4.5); Saturday 4pm

I could go into my diatribe over the BCS, but this really isn’t the forum.  I don’t really see Oregon losing, but I can see Aurburn losing in this game.  If Alabama’s defense pushed them all over the field for 3 1/2 quarters, USC must be salivating.  USC might not win, but the 4.5 is a lock.  Shammy sez:  Gamecocks.

Florida State @ Virginia Tech (-4); Saturday 7pm

I want to think with my heart on this one and go with a FSU win, but I need the cash.  Tech has been winning by a good margin all year and I don’t think the Noles have enough O to keep up with Taylor.  Shammy sez:  VT

Oklahoma (+3.5) @ Nebraska; Saturday 8pm

Even with no Martinez, the Huskers still have a great ground attack.  But OU is playing good ball at the right time and an outright win is a distinct possibility.  Shammy sez: Sooners.

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