Mem Gyms: Pre-Christmas Edition

So we are a few days from Christmas and there have been some interesting stories that have happened we have not gotten to yet.  So in the spirit of the holidays, let’s get to them now.
    1. First off, thanks to The Good Ol Blog, Dear Old UVa, and The Great Blog of Virginia for linking us on their sites.  Scroll over to The Rotunda Society and check them out.
    2. Even though the Fall and Winter Sports aren’t completely done yet, but UVa finds themselves in a rare position at the top of the Director’s Cup Standings.  The national championship in Men’s Soccer and the top ten finishes by the Women’s Soccer and Field Hockey have vaulted Virginia above traditional favorites Stanford, Texas, and North Carolina.  We will probably only have a few months to enjoy it as the Hoos don’t compete in several other sports that award points like fencing and gymnastics.  On top of that, it also doesn’t look like we will get any points in Men’s Basketball.  But outside those sports, we still have a ton of potential for the rest of the Spring Sports to bring in some points and produce our first top five finish of all time.
3.       The UVa Baseball team is ranked #3 in the first preseason poll of the year.  This is a “reach”, even after a dream season that produced the Hoos first College World Series appearance.  While I am happy that they are ranked this high, let us not forget that all of last year before the ACC tournament, UVa was ranked 6th in the ACC and around 20th in the country.  This year UVa plays 7 teams that are ranked in the top 20, including the other 5 ranked ACC teams (FSU, 7; Clemson, 16; Georgia Tech, 6; UNC, 13; Miami, 12) in weekend series and a season opening road trip to #18 East Carolina.  The Hoos have kept most of the nucleus from last season’s team, but the parity of college baseball is very apparent and with a huge target on their back, it might be a harder season than we think.  Virginia has just become the media favorite and the “sexy pick” of the year.  There is nowhere to go but down, at that is a hard position to be in.
4.       The Women’s Basketball team lost at Georgia 69-53.  This will affectively put UVa into the “good, not great” category.  UCONN and Stanford are elite.  Tennessee and North Carolina are great.  And then everyone else.  The drop-off in women’s basketball is so steep between levels that we should be hoping for a good ACC run and a top 4 seed in the tournament, because anybody on the 1-3 line would beat us the way we are playing.
5.       Men’s Basketball beat NJIT in a rout, no shocker there.  But, I swear, if I have to watch another game and see some crappy team move off of a screen and hit a trey, that’s it for me.  It was a major issue two weeks ago and nothing has changed. (In his best Jackie Moon impression) Hampton tonight! [God damnit…]
6.       Jamil Tucker was dismissed from the team . . . officially.  He hasn’t played all year and the hopes of him playing at all should have died on November 26 when he was taking “a leave of absence”.  Don’t be fooled, folks, everyone knew about his academic situation.  He had one last ditch effort to pull up his grades and didn’t. Case closed.  This does not change the dynamic of the team and should not be viewed as “we are losing a big man”.  Tucker was a finesse player who played outside of the key and stepped in the corner for threes.  He was not a huge factor on the defensive side either, averaging 3.1 rebounds per game.  I don’t think his roll would have increased at all this year, but with Scott out now, it might be nice for another warm body to get out there.
That’s it for today folks.  Good luck to the Hoos tonight and we’ll have our Christmas year in review tomorrow.

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