Virginia Hosts Villanova For Most Expensive December Date On Secondary Market

The 5-1 Virginia Cavaliers begin their December slate of games on Tuesday night in the ACC-Big 10 Challenge against the Ohio State Buckeyes. The two programs sound better to the ear compared to how they matchup on paper, as the Buckeyes are going through one of their down years in relation to recent seasons. Aside […]

Justin Anderson Aims For Back Third Of NBA Draft On Thursday Night

After an incredible Virginia Cavaliers basketball season that resulted in an ACC regular season championship, Justin Anderson is two days away from being selected in the first round of this year’s NBA Draft. On June 25 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Anderson is expected to go in the last third of picks, […]

Virginia Football Season Highlighted By Hosting Notre Dame In September

There was no way to go but up for the Virginia Cavaliers football program. In 2013, the Wahoos finished with a 2-10 overall record, including a dreadful 0-8 ACC record. So up they went, starting out 4-2 in 2014, with wins over No. 21-ranked Louisville and ACC foe Pittsburgh. Although the rest of the season […]

The Guy In The Glass: A Lambeth Field Goodbye

Well, how else would you go out?!? At least I’m doing it before the season is over. Yes folks, you are reading correctly, this is it for us. A late night conversation that happened nearly 5 years ago and turned into a blog has reached it’s logical conclusion. And while this marks the end of […]

UVa Football: The Short, Short Version

Welcome back Wahoos to another exciting season of UVa Football. In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by the ticket sales you haven’t, the Cavaliers begin their season next Saturday at home against a perfect season ease-in opponent: the UCLA Bruins. I’m sure by now you have read countless stories about the coaches say they are embracing […]

…And the Dutch

So the summer months are upon us and I just wanted to put down a few thoughts about the 13-14 Virginia Sports Campaign. I was trying to put together a comparison for this year’s effort and while watching the World Cup, it was right in front of me. Holland. Yep, the Dutch. The Netherlands effort […]

Baseball: Choose Your Own Adventure

You’ve read them before. Mostly as a kid, but you’ve cleaned out your attic, found one or two, and read them. No? Maybe just me. If you never read them or had an outdoor childhood, the basic principle is you read a bunch of pages and then it directs you to choose how the story […]

Baseball: One-Eyed King

It’s a really bad movie, and I love bad movies. I was an original Mystery Science Theater 3000 watcher, coming home late on Saturday night and turning on WGNT (now the CW or whatever) and watching Mike and the gang make fun of hilariously bad flix. Well, this one is worse than that. I speak […]

Whatever the Shot Clock, Bennett Ball Will Survive

I’m a huge dork, if you haven’t figured that out by now. Something else you probably know about me is that I’m not actually an English major, I’m a Civil Engineer by degree. As I was harassed mercifully for the number of concrete and metal design classes I had to take, some of the information […]

UVa Football: Pulling Out All The Stops

At least you can’t say he won’t go down without a fight. Virginia, in a very pivotal season for both Mike London and Jon Oliver, posted the Post-Spring Depth Chart for the 2014 season. And while we are still a long way from the opener against UCLA in late August, the philosophy of the team […]

M LAX: Strength of Schedule Rewarded with National Seed

Virginia only won 2 games in the ACC this year, but the last one turned out to be the most important. The NCAA committee looked at Virginia’s overall strength of schedule and 10-5 record and awarded them the 8th-national seed in the upcoming NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament. The Hoos will face Johns Hopkins next Sunday […]

Mission Mostly Accomplished

UVa Baseball had one thing they had to do this weekend: go down to #5 FSU and take a series win. With a gutsy last couple of innings today, The Hoos held off the Noles 4-3 to scratch out a 2-1 record. This gives Virginia a one game lead on Florida State in the ACC […]

Start the Unbalanced Schedule Talk

Cause UVa fans didn’t hear enough of it all season on their way to both the ACC Regular Season and Tournament Championship, today Hoos’ fans are all over the place as the ACC schedule for the next 2 years was released. As we predicted, Louisville replaced Maryland as Virginia’s Rival with Virginia Tech. But for […]